December 12, 2002

I am almost ready to declare myself well. I think I'll hold off until after finals, but I'm almost as good as it gets. No swallowing pain (well, I haven't attempted anything beyond water and medicine yet, so we'll see).

Scott informs me that he and buddy Joe are headed to Port Said today in order to enjoy fresh seafood while I am not around to plug my nose. And also to travel across the Suez Canal to Asia, but I think it's mostly the former.

I have lots of studying to do today in order to prepare for my two finals (back to back, 9-11 and 12-2). I need to outline seven essays before 11 p.m. and go over notes for my class on Japanese history. Then, I need to throw myself upon the mercy of God so that I don't completely fail them both.

Oh yeah, finals are fun!
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December 11, 2002

My throat seems to be getting better (let there be celebrations throughout the land!). It only stings a little, so I can swallow pretty easily. The new drug works wonders.

Since my throat's feeling better, I've started to empty my fridge. Gone are the frozen apples (oops) and a little more of the ice cream that's made me turn down the fridge so low. The bread is gone, as is a little of the cheese, since I made a grilled cheese sandwich. I tried dipping it in ranch dressing for a change, and I decided it was okay but not my favorite. Should have gone with the mustard. Oh well.

I finally disposed of all of my recyclables today. I hate not having a can in the lobby. I have to walk all the way across the building and out into the cold, wet stairwell every time I want to recycle cans and bottles. It's enough to make a somewhat lazy person like me almost want to give up the cause.
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December 10, 2002

The throat hurts, the computer sucks, the food makes me ill -- same old, same old.
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I hate my stupid ethernet port so much. It never works consistently, and I am constantly afraid of missing important communication.
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December 9, 2002

I have a wicked throat infection. My left tonsil has swollen to about twice its normal size. It's horrid and gross. Why is everything bad happening to me now? Is someone trying to test me? Because I'll break down quite willingly if it will end.

Apparently what I have isn't strep throat, but some other sort of bacterial/viral infection (no, not mono). The doctor prescribed me some new, stronger antibiotics that are very expensive and that will cause me to cry if they do not cure me. I mean, the alternative treatment of drinking lots of fluids is highly unsuccessful since I cannot drink without putting myself in pain.

Oh, it's all so sad.
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December 8, 2002

I'm done with all of my papers!

Save for the unhappy fact that I will have to arise and walk to the anthropology department at around 9 a.m., the torture is done. I now have a leisurely week in which to prepare for my finals on Friday.

Unfortunatly, I may very well be sick for much of that time. My throat still really hurts, although my temperature has gone down. Though that hasn't prevented me from having to go through several pairs of pajamas since Friday, as I seem to have night sweats or something. It's rather uncomfortable.

But you know, I could really go for some French fries right now. Spicy curly fries ... good stuff. Especially since I've eaten next to nothing these past few days, through a combination of a weak stomach and a weird schedule. Not to mention that sore throat. Maybe I'll get some food after going to drop off my paper tomorrow. After all, I'd hate to add "starvation" to my list of woes.
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