December 20, 2002

I almost slept through my brother Zach's school Christmas party. As I was supposed to be one of the "homeroom moms," that was not a good thing. True, I did get more sleep than I have in the past week, but waking up forty-five minutes before I'm supposed to show up in a classroom wasn't the best idea. I had half an hour to get myself and the party gear ready and then get out the door. I was the last party person to arrive -- that's including all sixteen classrooms. Oh well. At least the party didn't begin without me.

Why did this happen? Because my mom had informed me that I was supposed to drive her to work again that day, so I didn't set an alarm since I figured she'd drag me out of bed at 8:30. However, she decided to foist that responsibility upon my brother, so I got no wakeup call. I only managed to get up when I did because me aunt stopped by to drop off some checks and show me her dog (who jumped up on my bed and licked me).

Of course, despite sleeping "late," I did end up awake before 1 p.m., more than I can say on most weekends at school. Strange how time is so different here.
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December 19, 2002

My room is cold.

We're not talking cold like when PARC's heat hasn't come on once the temperature drops in the fall. We're talking full-fledged, I-feel-like-I'm-living-in-my-refrigerator cold. I'm not exaggerating -- the rest of the house is pretty cold, but stepping into my room, the temperature drops about ten degrees. At least. Mine is the coldest room in the house.

Why is this? I live in a room with two big windows that do not face the sun but do catch the wind. On top of that, the room right below mine is just the same -- and that just so happens to be the room the temperature control is in. Apparently, the rest of the house gets "hot" because the living room is unusually cold and causes the heat to come on too much. (I think this is a load of crap, by the way.) Thus the minimum temperature has to be set low in in there so the heat will come on less. And therefore, my room never gets heated beyond the minimum temperature to prevent hypothermia.

It all really sucks because of how cold it gets at night. I have a sheet and a comforter on my bed, and last night I kicked off the sheet in my sleep. I started getting so cold -- despite my fleece socks and flannel pants -- that I actually woke up. Now, I had to get up early today to get to the madhouse that is Erie County Farms grocery store, and I had gone to bed early enough to guarantee eight hours of sleep, something I haven't gotten in a while. I did not appreciate the interruption. Now I'm tired and cranky and really annoyed about my stupid room. Argh.
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December 18, 2002

Now are the days of being Santa Claus. I've been shopping for presents, getting ordered ones in the mail, and wrapping them all up. Plus I've bought some of the stuff for Christmas dinner, and tomorrow I begin the search for a veal shank (which is a baby cow leg -- I hear all my vegetarian friends retching). I'm more concerned myself about the turkey, which my grandparents are going to fry and bring over for dinner. Yum, fried turkey! Many people (including meateaters) may think this is a very weird idea, but it's actually a great way to prepare turkey. You just stick the whole thing in hot oil for about 45 minutes, and it comes out completely cooked and very moist. Fried turkeys don't get the breast meat all dried out and overdone like roast turkeys do. Plus you can inject them with marinade, giving them even more flavor. And it's not even unhealthy -- the skin's the only part that is affected by the oil, and you can just take it off (though some people really seem to like fried skin -- umm, yuck).

Tonight I'll make my first batch of cookies since coming home. Likely they will be snickerdoodles, and this weekend I'll make the frosted sugar cookies. I'm still debating making gingerbread men. After all, they're dangerous -- they do like to run ...

By the way -- we went to the Apple Store in Buffalo today, and somebody came home with quite a nice Christmas present!
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December 16, 2002

I swear I've been trying to update, but Blogger is just not working right for me. I'll figure this out soon.
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