December 22, 2002

I'm attempting the switch to the old design now. Give the page some time to come back to normal!
11:14 PM |

A ridiculous IM conversation with Britt:

Britt: you think it's impossible for me to accomplish *anything* tomorrow?
Colleen: not unless your tv suddenly explodes
Britt: but there are 4 of us in the house. other people will be using the tv for much of the day
Colleen: the type or quality of programming doesn't generally seem to deter you
Britt: hehe, true
Colleen: look at it this way -- i have faith in your infinite capacity for laziness
Colleen: it's sort of like infinite wisdom. but not.
Britt: hehe
Britt: that should be my motto
12:57 AM |

My head hurts. I've been playing too many video games.
12:39 AM |


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