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E-mail is a passion of mine. I cannot explain its strange attraction. I used to have countless addresses, but I've slowly broken myself of the habit. I just couldn't keep up with them all, and as I started to rely on email for more serious daily correspondence (read: college applications), I needed a more permanent mailbox. However, if someone out there would like to start an email addicts support group, let me know. I always fear a relapse.

The first two addresses lead to my Outlook Express mailbox, which I check every fifteen minutes (literally). The final address is for junk mail and doesn't get checked that often. Which one of those addresses you choose when you write to me is a matter of personal preference. What your choice says about you, who knows.

Instant Messaging

  • AOL Instant Messenger: Celesta17
  • ICQ: 27184137
  • MSN Messenger:

If often quiet in person, I'm usually very chatty online. If you have something to say, I'd be to happy to ... read it. All three are running on my computer whenever I'm connected to the internet -- which is a lot.


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