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My Friends and Family

  • Kim's College Ramblings!: Hear Kim rant! Hear Kim rave! But mostly hear Kim rant!
  • Matt's site: Autobiography, pictures, and the web's most extensive collection of the stupid things I've said.
  • Forgotten Wings: Help Britt procrastinate! Tell her you want hourly updates.
  • Tamica's World: Tamica is from a city called Sugar Land. Really.
  • Shannon's site: A warning -- somedays she may have nothing to say in her blog. However, she'll be sure to include that in her update.
  • The ZHL: The Zachary Hockey League -- a haven for true hockey fans everywhere. Go Zambonies!
  • The Fischer House: The official web home of the Fischer family and its many branches.

My Life at Northwestern

The Sites You Always Feared Existed


  • Amnesty International: Independent organization fighting violations of the International Declaration of Human Rights
  • Habitat for Humanity: Builds houses and sells them at no profit to the poor.
  • The Hunger Site: An easy, free way to donate food to the hungry.
  • Provides food to the hungry with donations that go directly to support those in need.
  • Drop the Debt: Aims to convince the richest countries in the world to cancel the debt of the poorest countries of the world, to help relieve citizens' poverty.
  • Students for a Free Tibet: A network of student groups working to raise awareness of Tibetan issues.
  • Free Burma Coalition: Works to restore the democratically-elected leader of Burma, who now lives under virtual house arrest under the rule of the military.
  • The United Nations: For the International Declaration of Human Rights.

Daily Essentials

  • MSN Gaming Zone: Play endless games of euchre and get addicted to Bejeweled.
  • Yahoo! Games: The preferred choice among those addicted to euchre.
  • Although I'm not allowed to visit as part of my twelve-step program to break me of my Upwords addiction, you might enjoy the classic board games online here, such as Boggle and Mille Borne.
  • The Onion: America's Finest News Source. What the New York Times wishes it could be while lying awake at nights.
  • Read classic works of literature or just look up famous quotes. Excellent source for poetry.
  • Google: A search engine that's quick, clean, and easy. Everything the internet's usually not.
  • Find everything you could ever want to buy, add it all to your wish list, and then email the list to all your relatives. Repeatedly.
  • Barnes and Noble: Free shipping, 5% off with Student Advantage. Beats the campus bookstore any day.
  • Macworld: Macs are cool. I want one. And I have saved every web-design and page-layout article this magazine has published since the early '90s. Yes, I know what you think of that.

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