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July 14, 2002

As some of you know, I found a summer job working for WISPIRG (Wisconsin Public Interest Research Group). The job consisted of going door to door, trying to raise money for the environment. It's not exactly the easiest job, but I liked working outdoors, and I really liked the people that I was working with. Everyone there was a college student. I was pleased that I had found a summer job that I enjoyed. Although government reform and other issues are more important to me than local environmental laws, I enjoyed the work that I was doing.

I was spending a lot of time on it, too. For 4th of July weekend, I went on the regional retreat to Nauvoo, Illinois, and the last weekend in June I worked at the Gay Pride event in Chicago. On top of that, I trained this past week for a higher position. I was working 45-50 hours a week. Keep in mind, this was not exactly a job that everyone wants to have, I was the exception. About 75% of people don't come back after working one day , and in the last two weeks about half of the staff had quit, as the office went from 25 to 13.

However, apparently the bottom line in business is the same as the bottom line in nonprofit environmental groups. I failed to meet the quota of the amount of money brought in for 2 of my first 3 weeks, so I was fired. It would have been nice if they had told me that this was a requirement before firing me.

I must say, I didn't expect to be fired from a leftwing environmental group which is already in bad shape this summer. However, some of the things I saw/heard in the office made me question just how leftwing they really were. One day, someone said they felt a moral dilema saying "The MOST important thing is that those who support us give as generously as possible." He felt that it would be more important to become involved with the issues, or march on the capital in protest. Upon hearing this, the director's draw literally dropped, and she stated that money was by far the most important thing, because the funding can be used all year, while marching on the capital is only one day. Also, I heard from someone that also worked there last year that every conversation that any of the directors has with us is a memorized proper response to whatever scenario comes up. I wouldn't doubt this, considering the overemphasis placed on the memorized sentences we are supposed to regurgitate to every door that we come to. Another thing that had really started to annoy me was the arrogance and self-rightousness of the directors. One of them complained about groups like GreenPeace and Sierra Club, about how they had become so commercialized, and didn't do enough. She even said that she wouldn't work for any group other than the PIRGs.

I hope that every left wing organization doesn't operate this way, and that every PIRG office isn't like Madison's. I also hope that everyone has found this an amusing story, and an example of what is wrong with certain left wing groups.

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