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Ahoy From Ohio

June 23, 2002

If any of you are wondering how in God's name I managed to finagle some time on the internet it is because I am visiting relatives (not the Amish ones, I think the irony of that would have killed me). Unfortunately, my mother's innate fear and loathing of the twenty-first century is working against me.

Many of you will be surprised and gratified to know that earlier today I received my very first speeding ticket. I was only doing 84 in a 65 (I had only just got on the highway so that wasn't enough time to reach the 100 mph that I am more than capable of. ;-) So I was flagged down by some patrolmen and as I pulled over I tuned my radio to a Christian station (in order to increase pity and appeal to his Christian feelings of brotherly love) and attempted to shed as many tears as possible which didn't prove hard. I don't think the cop really understood what I was saying because I was hyperventilating a great deal but he did understand when I said my mom was going to kill me. In an attempt to reassure me he said that she wouldn't because it was against the law. Noting the irony, I turned to him and said, "Speeding it against the law as well and you see how well that stopped me." Fortunately, he thought that was funny. I continued sobbing as he walked back to his patrol car and wrote out my ticket. When he returned he told me that it would cost $100, to my jobless self this proved to be a death knell, and he gave me instructions on mailing the ticket and money in. I then asked him for his name and when he asked me why I said, "Well, when my mother beats me with a stick I would like to call and tell you." Luckily, he found this amusing as well. What was not nearly so fortunate was when I told my mother and she didn't laugh at all and merely told me to go beg for my job back at Johnson's which I am loathe to do. Ah well, hopefully something will turn up though I am losing faith.

On another note entirely, I am currently the proud owner of a whip. On the eve of my most triumphant return to suburban Ohio my friends Tiffaney, Rachael and I went out to dinner and then on a dare went to the Lion's Den (a porn shop). To prove that we were there we decided to buy something and since the bondage room was the only place where we could actually avoid the creepiest people there we decided on a whip. I was then dared to actually make the purchase and despite a horrible case of the giggles, I managed to give the creepy guy at the counter my $25 and be on my way. But I'm looking for suggestions from you as to what to do with it. I'm considering either giving it to Bailey or to Justin.

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