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The Hierarchy of Evil
The Hierarchy of Dirtiness
The Hierarchy of Bitchiness
The Hierarchy of Ridiculosity

Nightly Conclusions

March 12, 2002
March 13, 2002
March 14, 2002
March 15, 2002
March 16, 2002
March 17, 2002
March 18, 2002
March 19, 2002
March 20, 2002
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Learn the Lingo

Amish ho
Am not/Are too
And yeah
Crazyfun times
Death stare
Doooooo it
Eloise the Hungry Hippo
Funny vegetables
Icky, Daddy, icky
I'll give you a dollar
I win
Jen with no pants
Knitting sticks
Lay-down loner
Looks like he's wearing a shirt ...
Prancing with Chex Mix
SAGA rat
Shannon dance
Simple user
Take it up a notch
Yay for <insert word here>
You fail

Crazyfun Times

The Birth and Death of Eloise the Hungry Hippo
Getting Happy
Making Mischief
Comtemplating the Future ... And the Garbage
The Outdoorsy Spirit
The Incredible Collapsing Girl

In Their Own Words

Greetings From Gaithersburg
Hello From Isanti
Ahoy From Ohio
I'm In DC!
Hello From NY
Sangria Means Bloody

Signs the Apocalypse Is Near

Omen 1
Omen 2
Omen 3

Learn the Lingo

Amish: Anything that Kim does. See also: Kim, Amish ho.

Amish ho: Kim. See also: Kim.

Am not/Are too: 1) Strongly logical arguments employed by esteemed orators. 2) Words most likely to be emerging from Kim's and my mouths. See also: yes/no, uh-huh/un-unh, will not/will too, is not/is too.

And yeah: The all-purpose story ender. Must be used at a seemingly random point while recounting something seemingly trivial. See also: Matt.

"Behg": The Minnesotan pronunciation of "bag." Or what a dog does. See also: Katie.

Bourghetto: A middle-class neighborhood ensconced in a filthy rich suburb; a "ghetto with chrome." See also: Bexley.

Crazyfun times: Describes events combining friends, mischief, and excitement and producing all-around guaranteed enjoyment.

Death stare: A look of the utmost hatred and contempt produced only by Shannon (when she's wearing her glasses and knitting).

Doooooo it: The most persuasive form of encouragement available. Generally ignored.

Dude: A sentence-enhancer, sprinkled liberally throughout conversation to add emphasis. May be used to carry entire conversations.

Eloise the Hungry Hippo: The beloved Chia Pet of PARC's Suite 2 Blue, who has a dramatic, tangled family history. Note: Do not call her Heloise.

Funny vegetables: Any plant matter that is not corn, peas, or carrots. See also: Katie.

"HIGH-larious": Describes something so knee-slappingly funny that it answers to a higher humorous calling.

HoJoe: Refers to guys named Joe who dress flamboyantly and bring many girls back to their rooms. But certainly refers to no one Joe in particular.

Icky, Daddy, icky: Describes things so disgusting they make you revert to childhood. Often said in response to Justin.

I'll give you a dollar: Phrase used to bribe others to do your work for you. For example:

Tamica: Kim, will you write my paper?
Kim: No way!
Tamica: I'll give you a dollar!

Note: Generally does not work.

I win: Phrase expressing the great triumph you think you have wrought (but usually haven't). Proper usage dictates that the vowel dragged out in proportion to the phoniness of the victory. See also: you fail.

Jen with no pants: Refers to the girl who regularly walks through Suite 2 Blue and who wears shorts no matter what the temperature.

Knitting sticks: Knitting needles, in knitting circle parlance.

Lay-down loner: The ultimate euchre hand, guaranteed to take all of the tricks. As it often appears after bottoming, it usually cannot be capitalized on as someone else will call a different suit. Related to (and often confused with) a lay-down euchre.

Looks like he's still wearing a shirt when he's not: Describes men with far too much chest hair. See also: The Edge, Bono.

Prancing with Chex Mix: Don't ask -- I don't want to remember.

Ridiculosity: The state of being ridiculous. Expressed ridiculously.

SAGA rat: One who sits in the dining hall for up to two hours at a time chatting with everyone who sits down. See also: PARCers.

Shannon dance: Spastic twitching of the limbs and head in no apparent rhythm. See also: Shannon.

Simple user: One who lacks skills in the operation of computers, such as pointing and clicking, plugging in cables, and designing high-tech, Java-based web sites.

Sketchy: The classic Northwestern term for anything strange and sinister. See also: SAGA food, the administration, Norris ...

Take it up a notch: What residents of New York City do. See also: Shannon.

Yay for <insert word here>: Used to designate things that win. Must be said in all seriousness.

You fail: Phrase used to describe 1) a person who messes up in a comical fashion or 2) a person who does not do what you want. See also: I win.

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