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I'm In DC!

June 22, 2002

I'm in Washington now and am starting to get adjusted to life here and work in the Senate. My roommate seems all right, as do my fellow interns. I've been getting along well with the office staff. In two of the past three days I've been to lunch with them more than the other interns. On Thursday, the Legislative Director asked me to go to lunch with her, and on Friday I went to a going away lunch for one of the staff that's leaving.

I've been assigned a legislative assistant to work with. She'll be giving me projects while I'm here, and hopefully not just dirty work. The LA I'm working for concentrates on social issues, such as education (Am I leaning toward an education specialization for my social policy major?).

Until I start getting projects from the LA, I'm working on the "Big Key Project," which I call the "Office Security Enhancement Project." Basically what I do is record the key number on each staff member's office key and find out whether it is a master key or not, and then get the staff member to sign off to verify that they have the key. Pretty lame, I know, but I'm new. And it does help in learning
everyone's names.

So yesterday (Thursday) Byron asked an intern and I to go over to the Senate with him. So we rode down in the 'Senators Only' elevator, joined by Ron Wyden (Oregon), rode in the subway (that makes a really cool high-tech whoosh-y sound) with them, and then rode up in the elevator with Byron, Ron, and Dianne Feinstein. Today, Byron requested an intern to go to a meeting with him that lasted most of the day. Apparently this is typical for interns in our office.

Wow, all this after three days of work. Imagine how much more I
could write after next week!

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